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Korean Name Generator

The Korean Name Generator can suggest you Korean names for your characters (for your own novels or games), your babies or anything else randomly.

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About Korean names

Korean people have only one family name and one given name. They don't have any other names such as middle name.

There are fewer than 300 different family names in Korea. Most famous family name is Kim (김). Here is the 10 most famous and common Korean faimly names
  1. Kim (김)
  2. Lee (이)
  3. Park (박)
  4. Choi (최)
  5. Jung (정)
  6. Kang (강)
  7. Jo (조)
  8. Yoon (윤)
  9. Jang (장)
  10. Lim (임)

About Korean Family names

Generally Korean family names are 1 Korean character such as 'Kim (김)','Lee (이)','Park (박)' and 'Choi (최)'. But there are Korean family names made of 2 Korean characters such as 'Sunwoo(선우)', 'Jegal(제갈)' or 'Dokgo(독고)'.

About Korean Given names

Generally Korean Given names are 1 or 2 Korean characters which have their own Chinese characters. For example, famouse Korean actor's name 병헌(Byung-hun) has Chinese characters '炳憲'.

Althouth to give their son and daughter pure Korean (Hangul) names are becoming a trend in these days, most of Koreans still have Chinese names.